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Best Buy Leads Has Key target area Of Business that we are developing over the coming 24 months to position our selves as truly self contained data supply management tool for our clients.Best By Leads brings you the power of consumer , 100's sites and lead sourcing companies we have strategically partnered with , without the overhead of running your own team of search engine specialists.We are the exclusive retailer of leads from our own network, giving brokers access to a No1 data source . We are looking to attract a large number of regulated mortgage brokers ,Independent Financial Advisers and none financial companies buying leads every day.Mortgage leads are not the only thing on offer. With a portfolio of 200 different products such as Term Assurance, PMI, ASU, Investments, Pensions, Debt ,Legal Services,Solar.Health,Investment,Home Improvement whatever business you are in, we have the consumer leads you need. We give our future customers four ways to buy our leads - fixed price through the ‘Partnership Account’, variable price through the ‘Bidding Scheme’ coming soon ,Data at price per volume or employ call center's to use our out bound including data under the banner Flexy Call.

Key Target Zones Of Development For Sales

1.Data Solutions 2.Targeted Marketing 3.Sales Intelligence 4.Governance, Risk & Compliance 5.Targeted Data Bidding System

Data Solutions

Delivering a single source of consistent, quality and accurate data across your organization is key to executing on your data management strategy. At BBL we live and breathe quality data every day and invest a huge amount to ensure that our data is accurate, up to date and provides the widest coverage of businesses globally. We currently hold data and information on over 200 million businesses and consumer records in UK ,expanding into further data fields in Europe and United States and you can take advantage of this valuable information through a wide range of flexible solutions to integrate our data into your existing data management systems, business applications and processes sat the very best pricing compared with all other companies in the market place of validated and legal data information sources.

Guaranteed Quality Information

Our process ensures that the enormous amounts of data we collect from hundreds of sources daily is aggregated, edited and verified so that you receive quality and trusted information. Our tracking client reference number " Adefence Number product "official launch august is our unique identifier that then links all data on an individual company or consumer together. Imbedding this into your data management systems or business applications provides you with a powerful tool to link your data together with BBL and other third party sources.

Meeting your company’s data needs

Data is now recognized as a key driver to execute and determine the strategic direction of an organization. To deliver insight, the data must be brought together in one place, cleansed to create a single record view that can be dynamically updated and maintained with access across the entire organization. We have the expertise to integrate our data into vendor applications or complex, bespokebusiness infrastructures. We’ll work with you to deliver the data in a format and frequency to meet your needs for you to gain maximum benefit.

Target Marketing

What makes an effective business marketing campaign with BBL? A creative headline and compelling value proposition are vital, but so is the support you get from your sales database software. Because however strong your creativity and strategic thinking, even an award-winning campaign is only as good as its targeting - the key to which is the quality of data your sales database software contains.

Get better results from your sales database software

To maximize this, BBL have a range of solutions to ensure you achieve more effective business marketing. Our Campaign marketing solution services, for example, can help you to optimize the data in your sales database software by creating a single customer view that merges your, our and third party data to create a single, reliable resource enabling you to initiate, track and measure multi-channel marketing campaigns.

More effective business marketing is just the start

Campaign Effectiveness solutions build on this with analysis tools enabling you to segment your customers and prospects into groups with common needs and similar value. They also help you get more from your sales database software by creating more effective business marketing strategies targeting similar organizations, or testing new market segments to project their future market value. Then there are our Insight & Planning solutions that deliver more effective business marketing by helping you develop a deeper understanding of your customer base, where it sits within the business universe, and identify the greatest potentials for growth. Or you could take the value of your sales database software to a whole new level with our bespoke Data Driven Marketing solutions.

Sales Intelliegence

Maximize your sales productivity

There was a time when sales productivity was more about who you knew than what you knew. But those days are long gone, as maximizing sales productivity now depends much more on joined-up data. Make the most of your sales leads software Your sales team are a valuable and expensive resource that needs to be tasked efficiently – and their sales productivity can be dramatically improved if they’re given access to the right kind of data, in the right format, wherever and whenever they need it.

Sales productivity needs more than sales leads software

While sales leads software has improved consistency and ease of access to the right customer data in an accurate format, increasing sales productivity requires more than being able to access details of existing contacts, contracts, budgets or forecasts, or being reminded that a customer is overdue a sales call. What your sales people really need are solutions such as BBL’s Daas (Data as a Service) and Market Insight analytical tool " under development only acceptable from "November 2015", which which save time and give them better insights into their customers and prospects, resulting in better conversion rates, reduced sales cycles and increased sales productivity. BBL can help you increase sales productivity by providing Sales Intelligence to improve your sales people’s knowledge of their customers and prospects, and more efficient Territory Planning to optimize results.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Whether you are a company compliance officer , or have responsibility for data management or reference data acquisition, regulatory drivers and KYC requirements will be at the forefront of your mind. However, the challenge is being able to support your company’s strategic drivers of achieving profitable growth but remaining compliant and minimizing reputational and regulatory risk. Compliance with regulations has reduced the speed and efficiencies in your client transactions. It has meant an even greater need for consistent but relevant content, but that need is always evolving and changing as policy, regulations and operational needs change. Best Buy Leads is bring together four key elements to deliver a more effective service for our compliance customers:

1.Our global data & insight can help you both foundationally and with specific compliance content needs

2.We provide entity matching and analytics to resolve key industry issues such as entity resolution. This culminates with our Adefence Number product :official launch August" for legal identification which supports the management of the right entity throughout the client lifecycle

3.Our data and industry expertise ensures you can rely on relevancy, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of our content, and works alongside your core understanding of how your industry or business operates

4.We offer flexible solutions that are designed to support your specific compliance needs such as identification, verification, screening, regulatory reporting and the maintenance of your corporate and individual entities.

Targeted Data Bidding System

Flexy Bid will be a trade mark brand that will allow buyers to purchase data a head of collection and so collect at highly discounted pricing, We will offer you two ways of buying leads from us, through thePartnership Account and the Bidding Scheme. Official Launch Data will be October 2015 just in time to take advantage of the Christmas boom for data sales.

Partnership Account:

Best Buy Leads are able to offer unique bespoke fixed price accounts to members who are able to service advice requests from customers submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Due to high demand we can only offer these accounts to advisors looking for a minimum of 10 leads per day with fixed agreement 14 days . This accounts offer: Steady lead flowDedicated account managerNo hassle, simple and easy to use with little admin

Bidding Account:

The Bidding Scheme puts you in control.The Bidding Scheme allows you to choose your lead type, view and select the source, choose your territory and set the price you are willing to pay for the lead. You are able to see all others bids in the same area and set a monetary cap so you never spend more than you want to. You have an online management facility at your fingertips so you are always in control of your account.

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